Cloud Hosting Services

Reliable cloud infrastructure for any of your online business needs.

Keep your business operating smoothly with enterprise-level web hosting, powerful email services, and secure data archiving. As part of the Rackspace® Partner Network, can provide to you a full portfolio of Managed Hybrid Cloud solutions.

Cloud Web Hosting

Enjoy reliable, advanced hosting options to ensure your business is always running at full potential. Be confident your website will be able to handle any amount of customer traffic with ultra-fast load times.

  • Huge scalability for both the growth of your business and customer-base.
  • Easily power any volume of consumer traffic.
  • Instant content management and infrastructure control.
  • Minimal load time on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Technical support from MustBeOnline’s web engineers — quick responses and help when you need it.

Cloud Email Solutions

Have complete assurance in your business email — receive and send important messages instantaneously with no hassle. Our cloud email is easy to use and intuitive to manage, and our technicians are there for your support whenever you need it.

  • Simple to access and store email at any time.
  • Access from Outlook, any web browser, or your mobile device.
  • Easy setup — no special software or computer requirements.
  • Email safely — premium anti-spam and anti-virus protection.

Business Email Archiving

Access what you need, exactly when you need it. Your emails will be stored safely with a seemingly infinite amount of space, allowing you complete freedom to save what you need without worry.

  • Safely transmit, store, and protect email.
  • Massive amount of storage space.
  • Secure data centers with top encryption standards.
  • Simple to use search features — find crucial email or information quickly.
  • Reduce IT costs and workload by removing in-house email server management.

Website Backups & Monitoring

Always be confident your website is protected.

With complete website backups, you’ll never need to be concerned about losing any content, code, or data. Any previous versions are saved and accessible to you when you need them, because the safety of your information is our top priority.

  1. Connect your site to our secure database.
  2. Backup your entire website and all of its information.
  3. Constantly monitor for any changes to your site or content.
  4. Continuously backup versions of your site when changes are detected.
  5. Restore your website from any point to access all information.