5 Powerful Call-to-Action Styles

5 Powerful Call-to-Action Styles

Your website's content looks great, is well-written, and is useful to your client-base. It's informative and gives potential customers the details they need about your company's brand, including your mission, values, and core products or services.

But your phone isn't ringing as often as you'd like, and the amount of new customers from your website is strangely low for the volume of traffic it receives.

This is a common problem among small business owners, and most don't know what to change to improve their website's performance.

The missing piece to the sales copy puzzle is typically a strong, motivating Call-to-Action (CTA). A CTA is a copywriting technique used in marketing and advertising to create an immediate response from a potential prospect.

It is meant to wrap-up a piece of sales copy or informative content to get the reader to take some form of action. For digital content, common actions include:

  • Making an online purchase
  • Subscribing to an email or newsletter list
  • Submitting a contact form
  • Clicking a call button (on mobile devices)

Small business sites tend to have bland, cookie-cutter copywriting that doesn't help persuade customers to buy. Many of the CTAs plastered around the web are generic without any information about the unique value a company provides. To have an impact on your conversion rate, try these 5 CTA strategies to give your readers an experience specific to your business and a reason to become a customer immediately.

1. Highlight your benefits

An easy to use and proven CTA formula is to include your product or service's unique benefits.

The benefits you choose to highlight should provide immediate value when a customer chooses your business. This helps generate a sense of urgency to take advantage of your benefits right away after viewing your content.

It's also important to be sure you're showing off your benefits rather than features. Features are common, boring, and usually universal among similar products. Instead, focus on specific benefits only your business can provide.

2. Aggravate the issue

Potential customers are looking for your service because they have a problem. There's an issue at hand they want to solve— and you're the solution.

A strong CTA will evoke an emotion in your reader to make them feel worse about their problem and inspire an immediate response. Describe the issue your product solves in vivid detail, while making it seem like an unbearable problem to continue with that is crucial to fix right now.

3. Power of imagination

Using a reader's imagination to your advantage can have a strong impact on conversions.

By painting a picture in your customer's mind of the issue they want solved, you can create an emotional connection with your service. Give this proven method a try:

  • Describe the problem with sensory words to make your customer truly feel the intensity of their situation.
  • Then tell the reader in detail about a wonderful, imaginary (yet achievable) world where their issue doesn't exist.
  • The final step is to explain how your product will allow them to get to this place— creating the need to relieve themselves of their problem by becoming a customer right away.

4. Support a cause

An excellent strategy to motivate your customers is to collaborate with a cause. It will touch the hearts of your web visitors while motivating them to feel the need to help — plus you'll be doing the world some good, too.

It's truly a win-win-win CTA strategy for you, your customers, and the charity or organization you choose to support.

5. Give them something immediately

Who doesn't love free stuff coupled with instant gratification?

It's a powerfully motivating combination to encourage your customers to engage with your business. The sense of urgency a limited time deal or incentive creates will help convert readers sooner rather than later — and keep possible customers from shopping around with your competitors.

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