Close the Gate! Ensure Email Protection with a Firewall

Close the Gate! Ensure Email Protection with a Firewall

Purging your inbox down to the magical number "0" may be one of the most relieving feelings of the modern age.

For the brave few who are able to accomplish this daunting feat, it's a well-deserved moment of glory and a cause for celebration. Sadly, an empty email account is rarely attained.

The headache of filtering through a seemingly endless stream of junk mail is a truly difficult task. It has become a daily routine — a constant cycle of deleting, moving, saving, and organizing.

And when you get close...another email comes in. And then another. And the next morning your inbox is full again, effectively sealing your destiny to another day of mindless deleting.

Thus, the cycle of filtering continues and the number "0" remains ever-elusive.

But, it doesn't have to be this way.

Imagine a world where your inbox is under your control. A wonderful land where you only receive emails you actually want to read. A blissful place where your mind is free, a massive weight is off your shoulders, and you're free to pursue more important tasks.

The answer is an email firewall.

What is an email firewall?

A firewall acts as a protective gate for your business's email network. It keeps out the riff raff and allows friendly faces to come inside.

Firewalls are set up to act as spam filters to reduce the junk mail you receive. They commonly work by using a set of rules established directly on your email server. There can also be an external firewall implemented into an exisiting email service, which routes any email through a "checkpoint".

When an email comes in, your server references every aspect of the firewall's criteria to determine if the message will be let through for you to see. If an email fails to meet your standards, then it is flagged as spam and discarded — allowing your inbox to stay clear of clutter.

Importance of firewalls

Establishing a firewall on your server is crucial for business email security. It protects you and your employees from unwanted promotions, solicitors, and dangerous email including viruses or other malicious software that can harm your business.

Email firewalls are also time-savers and money-savers. By establishing guidelines for each email, they keep every email account on your server free from unnecessary junk. This keeps all of your employees distraction-free and reduces stress from dealing with full inboxes.

Plus, by reducing the amount of time needed to filter email by hand on a daily basis, your employees will have more time to pursue more important responsibilities. This will help improve the efficiency of your business and speed in which projects are completed.

Need help with email protection & safety?

Contact the web team at MustBeOnline to learn more about our business-class email solutions.

Our cloud-based services guarantee complete assurance in the reliability and performance of your email. By choosing cloud email, you'll enjoy a simple to use and intuitive to manage platform that is scalable alongside your business.

With an emphasis on safety, including premium anti-spam and anti-virus protection, we'll provide you with what your business needs most — dependable security.

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