Essential Components of a Landing Page

Essential Components of a Landing Page

Your landing page is the place where prospective customers form their first impression of your company and your product. When they first arrive, they have little investment in who you are or what you have to offer. You need to capture their attention quickly and make them intrigued enough to read through your pitch. A few of the essential elements of a winning landing page are:

A Dedicated Purpose

Every landing page you make should be engineered to fit a specific offer. Whether users are coming in through a pay per click ad, a post on social media or another outlet, gear everything on that page toward what you are offering and who you are reaching out to.

A Great Headline

The headline is the first words that your prospect will see on your page. Good headlines are unique, ultra-specific, urgent and useful. They should appeal to some curiosity or nagging dilemma that your prospect has. Keep them short and scannable.

Always ask yourself: would this make me want to read more?

Convincing Text -- But Not Too Much of It

Beneath your headline, lay your case out convincingly and succinctly. Lead your prospect through the details of a need that they have and how your product or service can fulfill it.
Don't hit users with a wall of text. Present too much and they'll get bored and navigate to another page. Organize your thoughts into bullet-points, subheads and pull-out quotes for maximum effectiveness.

A Call to Action

What do you want your prospect to do? Do you want them to sign up for your email series? Call for a consultation? Buy now?

Each landing page should ask visitors to complete a single, discrete action. Spell out what you want. Make it easy for them to complete your task.

The more landing pages you create, the better you will become at gauging what it is your customers need and how to let them know that you are the one that has it. By always concentrating on your reader and delivering copy that is geared toward their interests, you can convert more visitors and improve your marketing ROI.

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