How Buyer Personas Help Build Connection

How Buyer Personas Help Build Connection

Which do you respond to better: a generic invitation or one that is addressed to you, from someone who seems to know who you are and what you need? It's impossible to address every single one of your prospects as individuals. It is possible to learn what groups of your customers have in common and address people with similar budgets, challenges and desires as a group. This information is used to create buyer personas, semi-fictional composites that become the audiences for your future offerings. A few of the ways buyer personas can help your business:

1. Interview customers to develop personas.

During your sales process, ask customers if they would be willing to sit down and talk to you about what they need from products and services in your industry. Find out demographic information that is relevant to their role. Ask about their goals, their fears and their greatest challenges. Over time, you'll find common stories that can be the basis for your personas and can allow you to better craft products and services that fit your customers needs.

2. Learn about the buyer's journey for each persona.

Often, most of the journey from interest to purchase is completed before your prospect ever gets in touch. With buyer personas, you can create inbound sales tools like e-books, checklists, explainer videos and other assets that address each of your personas directly. Make material that fits every stage, from exploration to choosing a vendor. When people who match your personas go online to do their research as a buyer, they will find content that is customized to their specific situation.

3. Craft pay-per-click ads for each persona.

Pay per click advertising is more specific and sophisticated than ever. You can target prospects based on a wealth of data, ranging from their surfing habits to their age and gender to their geographic location. Buyer personas allow you to say the things that each of those subgroups needs to hear to show them that you have the answers to their most pressing dilemmas.

When you consult a buyer persona each time you begin creating a product or service or working on your marketing outreach, you are designing something especially for someone's individual needs. This buyer-centric model allows you to make a stronger connection, which leads to higher conversions and longer, more profitable relationships. Need help creating your buyer personas? Contact us to learn how we can help.

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