How to Use a Compelling Story for Effective Marketing

How to Use a Compelling Story for Effective Marketing

Your content strategy should operate on this basic principle: the longer a person stays on your website, the greater likelihood of generating a sale.

A proven writing technique for keeping readers on your site and maintaining their interest is to think of your content like a story.

These 5 story elements will create a meaningful tale that will keep your visitors reading, line after line, while building an emotional attachment with your brand.

  1. Your Champion -

    Every story contains a central protagonist.

    This is who you root for, empathize with, and watch grow. In the case of your digital content, your champion is your customer.

    Make your story about your customers and create a character they can relate to with their problem.

  2. A Goal -

    Your customer is looking at your website for a purpose: to solve an issue or fulfill a need.

    You must understand your reader and what he/she is looking to achieve.

    Keep this goal in mind and lead your reader down a path to improvement.

  3. A Conflict -

    In your story, you must confront your reader's major problem.

    Build upon and agitate the problem to evoke an emotional response in your reader. By describing the issue in detail, you can develop a sense of urgency to get it solved.

  4. Guidance -

    Next, you need to give your business solution for your reader's issue. This is where you'll need strong copywriting to present your product or service in a convincing way.

    Tell your readers the benefits of your solution and describe what they will ultimately gain.

    During this stage of the story, focus on benefits rather than features. Your readers only care about getting their needs met -- not the technical aspects of your product.

  5. A Lesson -

    This is the last step where you wrap up your story and solution.

    Tell your reader what to do next with a call to action. This can be a contact form, a link to place an order, or a member sign-up request.

    Your call to action is your final sales pitch to turn your readers into clients. To be successful, it needs to happen in a way that makes sense and feels comfortable to them.

Compelling content fuels successful digital marketing

Web content, including your website pages, blog articles, and social media posts, gives you the ability to closely interact with customers and build long term relationships.

The key to successfully fostering these relationships is creating truly useful content for your reader.

A marketing story can help you achieve this goal. At MustBeOnline, we have a dedicated team of copywriters who are experts in crafting marketing content that engages and sells.

Use these 5 writing elements yourself for an effective blog or social media post, or give us a call to give your entire website it's own story.

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