Using All Stock Photos? Your Business Won't Stand Out

You can spot them from a mile away. Perfectly posed, manufactured, ingenuine pictures of people smiling way too much while at the local auto repair shop.

When your site only has these types of pictures, it makes consumers cringe. They allow you to be easily overlooked, forgotten about, and cast aside by the average customer shopping around on different websites.

Why You Should Avoid Stock Images

Stock images makes you one of the pack. Just another face in the crowd. A common, impersonal business with nothing different to offer from the thousands of other shops like it.

But you're not that kind of business. You have an interesting backstory and a unique mission, you're passionate about your products, you're an industry expert with years of experience, and you offer a level of personal service that cannot be matched.

How do you make potential customers immediately aware of all of this, while proving you're not the same as your competitors?

A simple technique is to use custom imagery for everything you publish on the web. It separates your business from the imitators and gives it a personal touch.

So, do your bottom-line a favor and hire a professional photographer for the day. Some excellent ideas to brand your business are photos of your shop's exterior and interior, your staff, yourself, and your most popular products. Ditch the stock photos and show off the unique features of your business to get your web visitors to choose you over the sea of competition.

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