When Should You Use Pay Per Click?

When Should You Use Pay Per Click?

With all of the free options out there, many companies are hesitant to pay for traffic for their websites. But, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be an extremely powerful tool, allowing you to increase your exposure, grow your business and get access to clients who may otherwise have never found you. It's all a matter of knowing why you are using it and using it in the way that will get you the best possible results.

Use pay per click advertising to:

  • Target Specific Demographics - AdWords and other pay-per-click outlets have more options than ever to target your traffic with laser precision. You can seek out only people in specific zip codes and target users by gender or age. You can even block out searches that you find lead to traffic that does not convert. When you are trying to grow your market share in specific groups, PPC advertising can be the most efficient way to reach exactly who you want.
  • When You Are Launching a New Product or Business - When you are starting something new, you often do not have the time to wait for organic search and earned traffic to provide the volume that you need. PPC can get you in front of eyes right now, instead of weeks or months from now when your search engine and social media traffic becomes more significant.
  • When You Want to Grow Fast - Growth hacking means getting as much lean growth as quickly as you can. Whether you are building up capital for an expansion or are growing to satisfy angel investors, PPC can bring in new prospects quickly, allowing you to get the conversions that you need to get you to the next stage.
  • When You Have a Limited Time Sale - Seasonal offerings or other limited time sales can be effectively promoted through careful use of PPC advertising. You get the traffic when you need it and convert those visitors to sales.

In the end, there is no single marketing strategy that will bring you success all on its own. Only when you use all the tools in your arsenal together will you see the sustained growth and high return on investment that you want. Not sure where to start? Contact us for an online marketing consultation.

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