Create a Simple Path to Sales with UX Design

Create a Simple Path to Sales with UX Design

Imagine you're looking for a new restaurant to try in town. You and your partner hop on Google to see what's in the local area.

You click on a website for an Italian place right around the corner with a bunch of strong reviews. Their website looks great and the pictures of the interior are wonderful —seems like a good spot for a lovely evening.

But just to be sure, you decide to take a quick look at the menu to see if there's something you'll both enjoy. And....there isn't a menu to be found. You click around hopelessly, wasting time and energy, while quickly becoming frustrated (in part due to your increasing hunger).

You leave the site and browse some other options. Just like that, this restaurant lost a new customer to a competitor.

The Significance of User Experience

The is why a customer's user experience (UX) is a crucial aspect of any business website. It directly influences how a customer behaves and interacts with your content, while conveying an inherent ability to please your customers and anticipate their needs.

Similar to your brick-and-mortar storefront, your website should follow the same principles you use on a daily basis to provide a helpful, professional, and comfortable experience.

You wouldn't want to have a confusing store layout that makes it difficult to find specific products. You wouldn't want to have signs leading customers to the wrong areas. And you wouldn't put your main entrance in the back of the building. All of these things would only frustrate potential customers and drive them away.

Taking your customer's experience into account gives them the simplest possible journey to make a purchase. It makes it easy on them and subliminally guides web visitors to become clients.

With the increased use of the Internet and technological innovations, UX has not only become necessary for success, but expected by web users.

UX considerations for every site build

Every business website needs certain UX principles in place to maximize the chances of acquiring new customers:

  • Navigation structure - The navigation bar is how your customers find exactly what they're looking for. It lets them easily browse by hopping from page to page, while giving convenient access to different areas of your site. For a strong user experience, your navigation needs all of your most important pages, properly organized into categories that make sense.
  • Easy-to-scan content - The copy on your site must be written specifically for web users. This means it has to be simple to understand, concise and to the point, and compelling to the reader. All your content should have a purpose that provides useful information. It should also be broken down into shorter paragraphs with bulleted lists and separated sections to make every page scannable.
  • Prominent buttons - Featuring buttons to your most popular pages is a simple way to make browsing your site uncomplicated. Examples of useful buttons customers expect are links to contact your business, request an estimate, or schedule an appointment.To make these buttons more likely to be clicked, it's important to use call-to-action copywriting. Some powerful, action verbs that entice users to click include "subscribe", "get", "try", "start", and "reserve".
  • Mobile-friendly - Creating a mobile-friendly web presence is no longer optional for digital success. The wide variety of screen sizes now in use by consumers of all ages creates an essential need for a completely responsive website. Your site must be presented flawlessly no matter what device a customer uses to find you, giving them simple navigation,easy-to-read content, and your most important information. Plus, mobile-friendliness has recently become a major factor affecting search rankings and visibility — another significant aspect of increasing online sales.
  • Confusing Sites Lose Customers - Well-developed sites have become so commonplace that consumers now automatically anticipate intuitive web browsing. If your site makes it difficult for customers to find what they need, competing websites are a simple click away.

For guidance on establishing user experience principles that lead to more web visitors and an easy path to sales, contact our web design experts at MustBeOnline.

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